April 24, 2006

Spread the Word Post

Must IV coffee first- lots! Hubby did a pretty good job holding down the fort while I was at the Milblogging conference. Let’s just say, I still have my housework cut out for me today, but the garage is clean (priorities). Being serious here (for once), time to do some important stuff at Hooah Wife and I need your help. Check back later for my summary of what my little tiny brain got out of the conference this weekend. But for now you get my honey-do list! I expect many trackbacks from this post (hint hint)

*Russian orphans need host homes this summer
*Collecting school supplies here for Afghanistan- (contact me)
* Looking to do a military series of interviews and articles (all suggestions welcome) - here is what we have come up with so far
1. highlight & interview different charities that help soldiers & their familes
2. are Family Readiness Groups (FRG’s) really effective or broken
3. Post deployment stress & reuniting as a family again from the perspective of a spouse, child and soldier
4. resources that are commonly overlooked fro the family
5. Can blogging help the soldier & their family? Save marriages? Prevent the absentee void from being so large?

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