April 24, 2006

Why would you let the government set the value of your friendship?

While reviewing a rather hilarious collection of blogging posts offered within the liturgy of "Blog against Heteronomativity" (more later after my sides stop aching) a little tidbit from Maia in New Zealand got my attention, but not in the way I believe she proposed. She is speaking of the hospitalization of her best friend and that "people" didn't get how upset and drained she was in visiting her friend (clue to Maia - find new "people" to hang with). Then she comes up with

Under the Holidays Act you get 3 days' paid bereavement leave on the death of a set of named people, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, spouse and spouses parents. For a friend you can get one day's paid leave if your employer accepts a bereavement.

Our society does not value, or even really recognise friendships, particularly friendships between women.

Sweetcheeks, it isn't society that is not "honoring" your friendship, it is YOU if you let what your employer grants based on reasonable business concerns as the value of YOUR friendship.

My employer only offers bereavement for immediate family (parents, spouse, children). When my beloved uncle passed away I didn't hesitate to use my earned vacation time.

The only one here willing to put a monetary value on their friendship is Maia. She wants others to subsidize her personal relationships, then whines about society's devaluation of female friendships.


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Posted by Darleen at April 24, 2006 10:15 AM