June 07, 2006

Mark Kennedy for Senate

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On Tuesday, Laura Bush traveled to Minnesota and spoke on behalf of US Rep. Mark Kennedy in his run for the Senate. An excerpt from the transcript of her speech:

Mark has brought the principles of efficiency and accountability that he developed his successful business career with to Congress, making sure that Minnesota tax dollars are spent responsibly. He supported the Presidential Line Item Veto, which will help the President veto unnecessary spending from our federal budget.

Mark has also been a strong supporter of tax cuts, and last month, with the help of Congress, my husband signed into law the largest tax relief package in American history.
Helping Minnesota's young people is one of Mark's top priorities. Mark understands that reading is the foundation of all learning, and he's promoted early-literacy programs to make sure that all American children have the knowledge they need to become successful adults. Mark is also an active co-sponsor of the Children's Safety Act, an act to make sure parents and first responders have the resources they need to keep children safe from predators in the community.

Mark agrees with my husband that the security of Minnesota families, though, and families throughout America, ultimately depends on the success of America's efforts to defeat terrorism. Mark has been a strong supporter of our troops as they've helped liberate Afghanistan and Iraq.

This week, Wictory Wednesday presents US Rep. Mark Kennedy for the Senate in Minnesota. Having served 3 terms in the US House of Representatives, he has the advantage of name recognition in the state.

Currently the race is to replace retiring Senator Mike Dayton (D) and is considered to be a race where the Republicans stand a chance in picking up a seat in the Senate.

Mark Kennedy spent 20 years as a CPA before entering politics, which brings with it the hope that when he gets to the Senate he might help his fellow Senators on their problem of spending more than they have. He has come out against the spending habits, and the "earmark" process specifically. A particular reform he mentions which is unique is giving the President a line-item veto that allows the President to veto specific clauses in legislation instead of having only an up-or-down say. This increase in the accountablility of the Congress will only help the problem of a tax-and-spend Congress.

Rep. Kennedy understands that the best way to educate children is to put control of the schools in the hands on local officials and parents, not Washington or detached bureaucrats.

Lastly, he realizes that the path to a better health care system is not further detaching patients and doctors from the decision-making process. Our health care system is designed so that insurance companies don't have to meaningfully answer to their customers which results in what every economist would expect, a system that doesn't meet the consumer's needs.

With public opinion of Congress at an all-time low, Rep. Kennedy provides one of the few examples of someone who has some ideas and fights for them.

Please see Rep. Kennedy's website, see his position on immigration and other issues, and consider helping his campaign for the US Senate!

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Posted by Beth at June 7, 2006 07:05 AM

I dont like that line-item veto. Not just because I dont like Bush - its too much power for any president, and too easily abused for either pushing his own policies over those decided on by congress (eg, vetoing comprehensive sex education programs) or for political gain (vetoing Democratic projects in order to make them look ineffective). In both situations, all a president would have to do is claim he is trying to keep expendature down. You cant solve overspending so easily - just have to do it the slow way, voteing out representatives who show a tendency to waste too much.

Posted by: Suricou Raven at June 7, 2006 03:21 AM