August 07, 2006

Favorite People on the Right, 2006

[c/p from MVRWC]

Right Wing News has Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select Their Favorite People On The Right (2006 Edition)

My favorites, in no particular order except for #1:

1 - George W. Bush
2 - Dick Cheney
3 - George Allen
4 - JC Watts
5 - David Horowitz
6 - Karl Rove (take that, Lefty!)
7 - Condoleezza Rice
8 - Bill Kristol
9 - George H.W. Bush
10 - Diana Irey (that one’s for you too, Lefty, and your Rep. Moonbat as well)
11 - Donald Rumsfeld
12 - Benjamin Netanyahu

I know, I know, someone's gonna argue with me about who should have been on my list and who shouldn't. It always happens. But hey, I take issue with a couple of mine not being on the final list, when certain others are. And I forgot Alito, Sowell, and Bolton, too, but you only get 12 picks. So I guess it's a wash.

Other Cotillion chickies who answered the survey: The Anchoress, And Rightly So, SondraK, and Villainous Company

So, who are your picks?

Posted by Beth at August 7, 2006 03:29 AM

Speaking of those on the right....

What's missing from the bloglist over -----------> there?



Posted by: David Nick at August 9, 2006 03:52 PM

Newt Gingrich!

Posted by: Cheryl at August 23, 2006 10:11 AM

No "favorite people on the right" list could be complete without including Thomas Sowell. A genius! Just pure reasoned and rational thought. For the same reasons, let's include Justice Antonin Scalia.

And Sean Hannity, for all he does at election time via TV and radio to whip up the conservative electorate.

And Rush Limbaugh, who encouraged us to speak up, and speak up LOUDLY.

And Barbara Olson, lost to us Sept. 11, for showing us the real Hillary Clinton (we'll make great use of your research, Barbara, when the '08 campaign rolls around). Gone but not forgotten.

Posted by: Deb at August 23, 2006 12:29 PM

No list of favorite conservatives is complete without Kathleen Parker, George Will, William F. Buckley, Victor Davis Hanson, and Theodore Dalrymple.

Posted by: Margaret at August 31, 2006 06:39 AM

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