September 01, 2006

Why aren't more people talking about this?

Thanks to reader Joe, I got hold of a rather upsetting story that is only being covered locally in Ohio. Normally it's the kind of story that makes the front pages, but as Joe put it:

The story didn't make it nationally, because everyone was too busy obsessing over the freak who claimed he killed the Ramsey kid.
So I'm giving this poor little boy his front page, at Girl on the Right.

It started on August 15th, when 3-year-old Autistic boy Marcus Fiesel was reported missing by his foster parents.

Three-year-old Marcus Fiesel was last seen at the 26-acre Julifs Park off of Clough Pike just before his foster mother fell to the ground unconscious Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the child's foster mother collapsed around 1:15 p.m. outside the park district office. She had three other children with her.

Marcus had been living with his foster family, the Carrolls, for about four months before he went missing. Prior to that he was living in deplorable, starving conditions with a neglectful mother who at one point left a second-story window open through which Marcus fell. It wasn't the only time Marcus was left on his own to wander, almost being hit by a car in April. The mother, Donna Trevino, and child services, all agreed that Marcus (and her other two children) were better off in foster care.

But on August 28th, Marcus' remains were found.

For the terrible, ugly full story, go here.

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