September 06, 2006



This is classic; Orthodox churches in Russia are protesting the appearance of trampy Madonna claiming her show is blasphemous. As dear Agent Bedhead says "well **** me over a barrell". Ya think?


Members of a radical Russian Orthodox group speared a poster of pop star Madonna on Monday and demanded a ban on her show, in which she stages a mock crucifixion.

The Orthodox Church has urged believers to stay away from the show, in which Madonna sings from a crucifix, wearing a crown of thorns, describing it as "blasphemy."

Madonna's concert is scheduled for Sept. 12 at Luzhniki stadium.

Fringe Orthodox groups have demanded the show be banned.

"We will never allow her to desecrate our greatest icons. We demand to drive Madonna out of Russian territory," Leonid Simanovich-Nikshich, head of a group calling itself the Union of Orthodox Standard-Bearers, told about 100 supporters during a rally on Pushkin Square.

Simanovich-Nikshich and a couple of supporters then speared a portrait poster of Madonna with a wooden pike, ripped it up, tossed the pieces on the ground and stamped on them.

Madonna's concerts have aroused protests across Europe this summer. The Vatican accused Madonna of blasphemy and provocation when she staged the mock crucifixion in Rome last month.

I find it interesting that in the majority of news articles I found regarding this they kept calling these people "RADICAL". Maybe just maybe, they really believe that the world's most notorious 'ho' is spitting in the face of Catholicism by mocking the crucifixion of their Messiah? When did the MSM call those ragheads "RADICAL" when an image of Allah was circulated and they reacted in a violent manner? Effers!! Once again guys, as a Protestant I'm outraged with the B.S. the Catholic church has to put up with. If I wasn't such a slacker I'd convert just to piss in their collective mindset.

I was searching around YouTube for some slutty Madonna stuff that took all of about 5 seconds. I've posted a couple videos below the fold. One of the them is her being caught with a backtrack playing. Can't stand her, can't stand her.

Kudos to these "radicals" from a former Communist country who took to the streets to practice their rights to free speech and the defense of their religion; all without bloodshed.

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Posted by Stacy at September 6, 2006 10:16 PM

Ah, the oddities of free speech... Madonna has a right to her show, however offensive it is. And the locals have a right to protest the show, as long as they dont break unrelated law. Its a shouting contest!

We have a similar thing here in the UK a few years ago regarding 'Jerry Springer: The Oprah' - a sizable group of Christians started holding protests and demanding the show be closed. It wasn't.

Personally, I believe that religion is as much of a target for mockery as anything else - just as im free to complain about someones political views, I should be able to complain about and even ridicule their religious views - and if that isn't done frequently, then what is there to prevent the religious views turning into ever-more fantastic and rediculous fairy-tales?

Posted by: Suricou Raven at September 11, 2006 04:13 AM