April 30, 2007

Debutante Interview #4 Caltech Girl

1. Blog name/names?
Not Exactly Rocket Science (http://ctg.mu.nu)

2. On-line name/names?
Caltechgirl, CTG

3. #1 reason you blog?
I get to vent.

4. your blogging topic passion/passions?
hypocrites, science, things that amuse me

5. How long have you been either blogging &/or reading blogs?
wow, umm... reading since 2000 or 2001, writing since 2004

6. #1 pet peeve of bloggers?
I hate people who rip off other people's work without crediting them AT ALL. In my line of work that will get you fired.

7. how do you deal with trolls?
El Deleto.

8. best advice to someone who wants to start a blog?
Write what YOU want to write, don't feel pressure to make $ or fill a niche. The best bloggers write about their passions, whether they be politics or their kids.

9. best advice to parent for internet safety for children?
WATCH. Don't let a kid be on the internet unsupervised. Keep the computer in a common area, like the family room.

10. where do you see blogging 5 years from now?
Honestly, there will probably be fewer bloggers, a lot of people are in it for the "fad" aspect...

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